Tiny Devotions Mala Repair by Tiny Devotions
Tiny Devotions Mala Repair by Tiny Devotions

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Tiny Devotions Mala Repair
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$25.00 USD

So you've had a breakthrough.

If your mala breaks – don’t worry! It could actually be a good thing. When a mala breaks it represents karma breaking. It can be a positive sign of progression.

We are happy to restring your Tiny Devotions Mala for a fee of $25 USD + applicable taxes.

Simply add the "Mala Repair" to your cart and select "Check Out". 

Please send your broken Mala to:

Tiny Devotions Inc
252 Pall Mall St,
Suite 300
N6A 5P6

Please ensure you include a return address, plus a copy of your payment confirmation. 

Have questions? No problem! Email us: info@tinydevotions.com

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