Tide Mala by Tiny Devotions
Tide Mala by Tiny Devotions Tide Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Tide Mala
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$127.00 USD

This Mala is inspired by the transforming powers of the ocean. Relax + enjoy the sunshine. Take things slow and embrace what is to come.

Tassels are symbolic of lotus blossoms and represent enlightenment. The strands combine together into one, symbolizing our connection to the Divine and to each other. Oneness. The top of the tassel signifies the link between all beings of the universe

Amazonite promotes universal love and alleviates fear and anxiety. This stone has been said to calm one’s emotions and ease nerves.

 African Turquoise Jasper is said to bring good fortune to the wearer. Jasper inspires determination in all pursuits. It brings one courage and power.

Sandalwood is a very calming, spiritual wood that gives off a soothing scent; believed to transform one’s desires and help maintain alertness while meditating. It is known to attract positive energy and clear perception.

Hang Length | 20 inches

Teal Tassel | Amazonite | African Turquoise Jasper | Sandalwood

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