The Giraffe by Tiny Devotions
The Giraffe by Tiny Devotions The Giraffe by Tiny Devotions

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The Giraffe
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You know the importance of speaking your truth. You are authentic and brave. You communicate your thoughts, feelings, wishes, and desires with ease. You make connections and see the bigger picture. Stand tall.

Peach moonstone is said to invite serendipity and synchronicity into all areas of life. This crystal holds a highly feminine energy that will ignite your intuition and psychic ability. It will encourage you to react calmly and wisely through any situation the universe throws your way.

Shell is known to initiate strength in new beginnings. This stone will allow you to effortlessly find flow in your life.

Palmwood is a mystical wood that signifies honour and value. Motivating spiritual growth, palmwood will heighten your soul’s potential.

Peach moonstone, Shell & Palmwood.

One size fits all. Adjustable string fitting 5inch-8inch wrist.

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