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Radiate Serenity Mala by Tiny Devotions
Radiate Serenity Mala by Tiny Devotions Radiate Serenity Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Radiate Serenity Mala
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You see the world in ways the other people can only dream of, and as such you radiate utter calm and a perpetual state of unruffled repose. You revel in the quiet beauty life has to offer, always knowing how to bring peace to those around you.

Dogtooth Amethyst is known to enhance inner intuitive vision, outer physical vision, and out-of-body journeys. It is used to facilitate perception and interpretation of aura and assist in diagnostic techniques and furtherance of auric cleansing. Dogtooth Amethyst is believed to emanate concentrated positive energy and aids in clearing of aura. Believed to stimulate brighter aspects of the self.

White Jade encourages focus and brings concentration back to those things that truly matter in life. It improves your bond with your set intentions and aids in filtering our unwanted distractions.

Amethyst is a stone with calming energy, believed to foster balance, patience, and peace.

Clear Crystal Swarovski vibrates a pure energy. It is known to bring positivity, hope, and light to its wearers. It diffuses negativity energy and inspires joy.

Lilac Swarovski Crystal is believed to inspire focus, enhance communication and vibrate the positive energy you radiate each day.

Stone Type | Faceted Pear
Hang Length | 16 inches
White Jade | Dogtooth Amethyst | Amethyst | Clear Crystal Swarovski | Lilac Swarovski

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