Oracle Mala by Tiny Devotions
Oracle Mala by Tiny Devotions Oracle Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Oracle Mala
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For the girl who is as wise as she is strong, who lives her life with an authority others look up to. 

Tassels are symbolic of lotus blossoms and represent enlightenment. The strands combine together into one, symbolizing our connection to the Divine and to each other. Oneness. The top of the tassel signifies the link between all beings of the universe.

Opalite is a stone that vibrates high, full of the energies of wisdom and insight. It can be used to enhance your innate knowledge, and help to connect you to your intuition.

Sodalite comes from the earth's core. It is said to bridge our subconscious + conscious mind to connect our thoughts to feelings, provide clarity for the mind and aid in decision making. Sodalite is also said to encourage truth and intuition, making it the perfect gemstone for setting your next intention.

Rudraksha seeds are known for their protective and healing elements. They are believed to guide spiritual journeys. Rudraksha is known to increase abundance and prosperity.

Opalite | Sodalite | Rudraksha

Hang Length | 19.5 inches

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