Optimist Mala by Tiny Devotions
Optimist Mala by Tiny Devotions Optimist Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Optimist Mala
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“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”– Marcus Aurelius

How do you look at life: glass half full or half empty? People who have been through the roughest storms and made it out said they looked for the silver lining in the clouds.  No matter how tough things get, they believe things will eventually get better...and they do!

Hope and faith give rise to optimism. It is a spark in your soul that tells you the best is yet to come! The Optimist sees each day as an opportunity to be better than the last. Her faith is unwavering and her heart is full of hope.

The Optimist Mala features Zebra Jasper which helps you remain optimistic and motivated. Green Brecciated Jasper is a gentle, uplifting stone that promotes contentment. White Turquoise aids in communication and protects you from thoughts or feelings of self-harm. Sandalwood aids in deeper meditation.


Zebra Jasper| Green Brecciated Jasper| White Turquoise| Sandalwood

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Looking Up

This is an absolute blessing. Everything is looking up. Just lovely.

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