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Muse Mala by Tiny Devotions
Muse Mala by Tiny Devotions Muse Mala by Tiny Devotions Muse Mala by Tiny Devotions Muse Mala by Tiny Devotions Muse Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Muse Mala
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This Mala's intention is to provide a sense of inspiration to all aspects of your life. The Muse is a source of creative influence. A fantastic paradox constantly evolving, you have a great sense of imagination and believe that opportunity has no limit. You are deeply intelligent, playful and ambitious - yet effortless. Wear this Mala to excite your soul + open your mind to the possibility of the unexplored.

This Tassel Mala is hand-knotted with intention and ideal for Japa meditation to recite your mantra.

The Purple Tassel is symbolic of lotus blossoms and represents enlightenment. As the strands combine together in to one, it represents our connection to the Divine and to each other. Oneness. The knot signifies the link between all beings of the universe.

Rose Quartz is known as the Love Stone. It's energy works to balance emotions and bring peace + calm. It is believed to raise self-esteem, opening your heart to enhance all types of love. This allows you to become fully aware of your worth and apply that same loving energy to others.

Opalite is believed to work on the Crown Chakra to enhance psychic abilities and visions. It is believed to stabilize mood swings, encourage persistence and provide strength in vocalizing feelings. Feeling inspired yet? This stimulating stone is also said to help you to be successful in business. 

Dogtooth Amethyst mirrors the intuitive + psychic powers of Opalite. It is said to assist in self-evolution, stimulating a brighter view of oneself and dissipating negative energy. Dogtooth Amethyst is believed to assist it's wearer in gaining knowledge of the arts in spiritual healing.

Tassel Length | 3 Inches

Length Overall | 42 Inches 

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