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Goddess of Strength Mala by Tiny Devotions
Goddess of Strength Mala by Tiny Devotions Goddess of Strength Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Goddess of Strength Mala
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She believed she could, so she did. For the girl who is a total boss. She is full of passion and hustle. No matter how she feels, she gets up, shows up and never gives up. She spends everyday building her empire and rocking her mala. Meditate and unleash magic.

Clear Quartz is known to amplify energy and increase spiritual wisdom. It promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. It is believed to increase wisdom and insight.

Black Onyx is known as the stone of strength, it allows you to absorb whatever energy you need from the Universe. If you're looking for an extra 'push' to move past something holding you back, the black onyx is meant for you. It inspired vigor, steadfast, and stamina.

Black Swarovski Is believed to center your energy and align with higher power. It cultivates determination and focus.

Gold Seed Beads: Symbolize optimism, good health and success.

Rosewood is known as a protective wood that shields one from negative energy. Rosewood is associated with the heart chakra, and can help manifest what you desire, dream and need.

Stone Type | Faceted Nugget
Matte Black Onyx | Black Swarovski | Clear Quartz | Rosewood

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