2017 Holiday Order by Tiny Devotions
2017 Holiday Order by Tiny Devotions

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2017 Holiday Order
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$890.00 USD

We've made things easier this holiday season! These are some of our most loved products bundled together.

There is something for everyone! Rings, Bracelets + Malas! 

Items in this bundle:

Mermaid Limitless 
Clear Quartz Limitless 
Black Obsidian Limitless 
Tiny Rose Gold Seed of Life 
White Jade Highest Potential Amplifier 
Cleansing Amplifier 
Purple Crazy Lace Amplifier 
Flower of Life Ring 
Let Love In Mala 
Mystic Mermaid Ring 
Mermaid Bracelet
Clear Quartz Limitless Bracelet 
Lotus Charm
Clear Quartz Charm 
Hamsa Charm

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