White Ombré Mala by Tiny Devotions
White Ombré Mala by Tiny Devotions White Ombré Mala by Tiny Devotions

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White Ombré Mala
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Your life is full of unlimited possibilities. The color white represents purity and wholeness. 

You are a clean vessel, meant to bring harmony to those around you.  You live in the truth and live in alignment with your purpose and calling.  You don’t spend your days reacting to your environment, but intentionally create your life.  Feel connected to the divine and radiate an ethereal vibe.

Clear quartz is a powerful clarifying stone. It amplifies and directs energy.  It will help you gain clarity on what you really want, and aid in decision making. Learn to say no to what you don’t want to do, and clear space for your dreams to come true.

Opalite inspires persistence through life’s ebb & flow. It will gift you ability to move gracefully through every journey.  Opalite is said to provide an all inclusive healing and purification for the body and soul.

Howlite is known as the stone of awareness, said to help formulate ambitions, both spiritual and material.

Snow Jade is a calming stone, which provides peace, harmony and luck. It aids in decision making while encouraging its wearer to reach their highest potential.

Rudraksha is known for its healing elements, said to inspire positivity + shield against negativity. 

Hang Length | 19 Inches 

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