Capricorn by Tiny Devotions
Capricorn by Tiny Devotions Capricorn by Tiny Devotions

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December 22 - January 19

Your capricorn side wants to build things. Your practical, ambitious and disciplined nature make creating structures and systems easy for you. You are reserved, patient, and careful - you know how to run things. You have a need to set down rules and live by them, to set boundaries, and to put plans into motion.

You are a true earth sign, and possess all of its qualities: you are practical, grounded, and dependable.

Ocean Jasper is believed to increase relaxation and eliminate stress. It brings an aura of calmness and encourages self-love, which is an important counterbalance to your natural determination and drive. It is said to increase the expression of the heart in actions and words - which is a helpful reminder of your soft side.

Rudraksha is believed to promote healing and positivity. It is said to guide journeys and shield from negative energies.

Ocean Jasper + Rudraksha

One size fits all. Adjustable string fitting 5-inch to 8-inch wrist.

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