Palo Santo by Tiny Devotions
Palo Santo by Tiny Devotions Palo Santo by Tiny Devotions Palo Santo by Tiny Devotions

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Palo Santo
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Palo Santo or ‘Holy Wood’ is harvested naturally from from the sacred Palo Santo tree deep in the rainforests of Ecuador.

This aromatic and healing wood has been used by Shamans for thousands of years for its sacred, medicinal and mystical properties. Its soothing aroma has hints of citrus and frankincense. It's said to raise your vibration in preparation for meditation + allow for a deeper connection to your Higher Self, enhancing creativity + abundance. Use it to cleanse your space + purify your intentions.

Each bundle of 3 Palo Santo sticks is wrapped with cotton ribbon and includes opalite gemstones.

Opalite is a milky irridescent stone that is said to enhance psychic abilities and visions when placed on the crown chakra. Opalite is known to free the spirit, encouraging one to explore within, to learn that even the most unimaginable life goals can be reached.

Use Palo Santo in your own smudging ceremony:

☽ Center yourself. Set your intention for your smudging ritual: I will drive away all negativity from my energy and purify my space

    ☽ Holding your smudge or Palo Santo stick in one hand, light it until it flames. Gently blow on the smudge down to an ember, creating smoke that will waft around the room

      ☽ Take some smoke in your free hand and bring it over your heart, holding your intention to clear energy

      ☽ Using your hand, a fan, or a feather, push the smoke into the corners of the room, into closets, and in all the directions of the compass, wherever you feel the energy needs cleansing. Hold the intention of clearing the space and removing negativity as you move throughout the room.

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