Rose Quartz Limitless Bracelet by Tiny Devotions
Rose Quartz Limitless Bracelet by Tiny Devotions Rose Quartz Limitless Bracelet by Tiny Devotions

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Rose Quartz Limitless Bracelet
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$64.00 USD

The Limitless Mala Bracelet is designed to be as limitless as you are. Style as is, or add and collect charms from our Charm Collection based on your style or intention for any and everyday of the week. 

Allow your Limitless Mala Bracelet to serve as a reminder that you have the ability to rise above your circumstances and manifest your heart’s desire. You are powerful, you are beautiful, and you are limitless. Within you lies the strength and determination to overcome any obstacle in your way. 

Pink is the universal color of love and friendship.  Allow this bracelet to remind you that you are loved and that you have an abundance of love to give to others!

Silver dipped moon closure | On Stretch Cord | 8mm Faceted Rose Quartz

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Great gift

Dear Max, thanks for your feedback! We certainly understand where you are coming from. We're working with various shipping carriers to lower the cost of shipping on these items internationally. The cost of shipping includes not only the postage, but also the bubble mailer, and the beautiful gift boxes we put these beautifully hand-made pieces in. To give you an idea, this order cost us $18 to ship from California to you. So we actually lost a few dollars. :-) Nevertheless, we're constantly looking for ways to ship faster and more economically. We look forward to better serving you and all our valued clients. Have a terrific day!

I bought this bracelet because it looked transluscent, and it is. The beads are a pale pink color and very cute. This goes to show you can wear cute and still look cute even in corporate wear.

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