Black Onyx Vortex Mala by Tiny Devotions
Black Onyx Vortex Mala by Tiny Devotions Black Onyx Vortex Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Black Onyx Vortex Mala
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When the world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, thank the air that surrounds you + find yourself in the appreciation of life. Enhance your spiritual side and create balance as you step into this magical dimension of higher knowledge. The Vortex elevates your energetic flow to the perfect setting for meditation + healing.

Black Onyx is believed to dispel negative energy and promote emotional well-being. It is said to bring alignment while connecting you with higher power. Onyx is also said to inspire vigor and strength. 

Howlite inspires wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. It is said to help formulate ambitions, both spiritual and material.

Rock Crystal is known as one of the most powerful healing stones. It is believed to intensify prayer and aid in visualization, a powerful stone for creating the vision of your future.

Rudraksha is known for its healing elements, said to inspire positivity + shield against negativity. 

Energy is everything. Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it and your actions increase its momentum. 

Stone Type | Faceted Teardrop

Hang Length | 19 Inches 

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