Cancer by Tiny Devotions
Cancer by Tiny Devotions Cancer by Tiny Devotions

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June 21 - July 22

You are intuitive and sensitive, emotional and nurturing. Your empathetic and caring nature can make you feel more intensely than the rest.

Those born under Water Signs like Cancer are emotional and nurturing. Like a river, you run deep.

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to represent the love that radiates from you. It is said to be the stone of universal love, and wearing Rose Quartz is said to give vibrations of positivity.

Moonstone is known as the stone of dreams. It will call upon your intuition + imagination, and support you as you dream up the life you want to live.

Rudraksha is believed to promote healing and positivity. It is said to guide journeys and shield from negative energies.

Rose Quartz, Moonstone + Rudraksha

One size fits all. Adjustable string fitting 5-inch to 8-inch wrist.

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