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Grounding Mala by Tiny Devotions
Grounding Mala by Tiny Devotions Grounding Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Grounding Mala
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When you are grounded, you have the ability to overcome any obstacle with grace. Who would you be if you were not limited by your fears? The Grounding mala can remind you that it is always safe for you to tap into your personal power + let your authentic self shine. Feel at home in yourself, find peace in knowing that you are supported, safe and most importantly, strong.

The Grounding Mala features smokey quartz, pink opal and peach pearl.  Allow it to bring out the best in you, because your love, determination and the strength of your spirit all flow from your connection to the earth.

Smokey Quartz | Pink Opal | Peach Pearl

Hang Length | 15 inches


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If just fits me

Amazing craftsmanship. Very nice length, weight and feel. I sometimes wear it on my wrist when I prefer a shorter Mala.

Don't be overwhelmed

My Grounding Mala keeps me sane during stressful times. I easily get overwhelmed by negativity and things happening all at once. Yoga helps me find my balance.

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