Root to Rise Mala by Tiny Devotions
Root to Rise Mala by Tiny Devotions

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Root to Rise Mala
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You hold within you great consciousness + awareness, making you sensitive to the energies surrounding your soul. You are grounded + intuitive, making you aware of what vibrations align with your own. It’s time to connect with the earth in order to cleanse your energy + ground.

Being grounded welcomes feelings of safety and security. When you are protected, sinking your roots becomes effortless, allowing your authentic self to rise.

This mala is made up of healing gemstones which are said to provide the ultimate shield for EMF protection. If you feel that your mind, body, and spirit are being negatively impacted by the harsh electromagnetic radiation around you, then this one is for you. Strengthening your connection to earth energies, the Root to Rise mala provides the wearer with a deep sense of grounding. Grounding is said to aid in alleviating the effects of EMF.

Let go of what is no longer serving you. Root to Rise.

The Pyrite guru is a fierce protector. It draws its energy from the earth, and is known  to increase your ability to heal + ground. It is an iron rich stone which is said to provide a force field like effect, deterring EMF radiation.

Hematite is another iron rich protection stone, known to transform any energies that are not serving you. Its power is said to enhance feelings of safety and security. This stone may help you to transform fear into love.

Rosewood is a sacred and spiritual material that is known to fulfill one’s needs. It is said to hold great protective powers and shield one from low vibrational energies.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer*

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Stone Type | Smooth Oval 

Hang Length | 16 Inches 

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