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Ocean Stack by Tiny Devotions
Ocean Stack by Tiny Devotions Ocean Stack by Tiny Devotions

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Ocean Stack
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Let your dreams soar. The ocean is a place where hopes are fostered, dreams are born and the problems of the world are a distant thought. Let the salty air clear your thinking and direction in life.

Amazonite: based on hopes and dreams, is believed to assist in releasing fear so those dreams can unfold. 

Ocean Jasper: a powerful stone that had the intention to lift negativity so one can fully appreciate the blessings they have. 

Rose Quartz: fundamentally the stone of love.

Take what you're wishing on and let it flow as vast as the ocean.

Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Amazonite 

One size fits all. Adjustable string fitting a 5inch-8inch wrist

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