Gaia Stack by Tiny Devotions
Gaia Stack by Tiny Devotions

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Gaia Stack
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The Gaia stack represents the goddess of the earth. She treads lightly on the ground, has a whimsical energy to her, greets those with love and compassion and transforms everyone who crosses her path in the most subtle and inexplainable way. 

Three buddhaful faceted wrist malas made with love + their own intentions to ground and open.

Smokey Quartz: is a healing stone that supports grounding and deep healing

Rose Quartz: is the stone of love, the heart chakra and femininity 

Labrodorite: is the stone of new beginnings and transformation

 Rose Quartz, Labrodorite, Smokey Quartz

One size fits all. Adjustable string fitting a 5inch-8inch wrist

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