Break-up Mala

Price ($USD): $108.00

Are you going through a break up or know someone who is? There is no way around it...break ups are the absolute worst.
 This mala may help you avoid the post break up Hagen Das binge and avoid the never-a-good-idea "rebound" guy.

This mala's intention is to give you the courage to break out of the relationship that is not serving you. To help you regain your strength during the breakup process, so yes, put that phone down and give your girlfriend’s ear a break! Letting go is tough, but when you clear away what is no longer serving you - you leave space for the beauty and love that life has in store for you. 

Even when the hardship is over, the black guru stone and the semi-precious purple jewels will remind you of what you deserve in life!

Rainbow Obsidian and Rose Quartz.

Length | 36 inches 

Stone Type | Smooth Oval