• The Risk Taker Necklace

    The Risk Taker Necklace Healing, Peace, Protection

  • Newport Beach Scarf

    Newport Beach Scarf Calm, Friendship, Ocean

  • Inhale Mala

    Inhale Mala Alleviating Fear and Anxiety, Light, Spirituality

  • Intuition Stack

    Intuition Stack Love, Potential, Spirituality

  • Festival Mala|Limited Edition

    Festival Mala|Limited Edition Love, Positivity, Truth

  • Tangiers Scarf

    Tangiers Scarf Adventure, Boho, Freedom

  • Yoga Loving Gypsy Mala

    Yoga Loving Gypsy Mala Free Spirit, Love, Tranquility

  • The Dream Catcher

    The Dream Catcher Dreams, Spirituality, Strength

  • Daydream Mala ☮

    Daydream Mala ☮ Calm, Clarity, Dreams